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    Domino 14-day Free Trial

    The Enterprise MLOps Platform chosen by over 20% of the Fortune 100

    The grass is greener in Domino with one-click access to powerful compute and parallel experimentation... and that’s just the beginning.


    During this 14-day free trial you’ll experience the full platform, including:

    • Self-service access to scalable compute and native development environments such as RStudio, SAS Studio, or JupyterLab (unlike other platforms that force you to run code in their proprietary notebook).
    • Automated experiment tracking through Domino’s Reproducibility Engine, so you can easily find previous work and reproduce results.
    • Simplified model delivery and deployment on any infrastructure via scheduled reports, self-service web forms, APIs, and full-fledged apps built in Shiny or Flask.
    • Extensive Domino documentation with tutorials, guides, reference materials, and more.

    If you're an existing Domino customer, please ask your Domino admin for the URL of your private environment.

    “[Domino] has opened up for us a new frontier in rapid iteration ... which allows us to get business value faster.”

    - Michael Johnson, Chief Data Scientist at Lockheed Martin

    Trial Program FAQ

    Who is this trial meant for?

    Domino’s 14-day free trial is an ideal way for data scientists and other practitioners to get an understanding of how an Enterprise MLOps platform can make their day-to-day work easier and more efficient. It’s recommended that people trialing this data science platform be comfortable with a statistical programming language (e.g. R or Python).

    I’m in a leadership position. Should I take this trial?

    Domino can help you manage your data science team more efficiently, but this trial is really designed for data scientists. Offer to have members of your team give us a try, and in the meantime we have next steps for you too. Please request a live demo, watch a recorded demo, or watch the Lockheed Martin webinar.