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    Domino for Life Sciences

    Modernize Computational Research and Development

    Driving Research Breakthroughs 

    Advanced algorithmic techniques will power the next generation of medical research, drug development, and patient care. These innovations will require massive computational power, structure-controlled clinical trial processes, and tight collaboration to build on previous work. Is your research infrastructure up to the task?

    Domino gives you the power to accelerate exploratory research and modernize statistical analytics in clinical development. It combines support for the tools you’re already using, such as SAS, R, and Python, the latest innovations in open-source, full traceability and reproducibility of statistical results, and self-serve access to highly-scalable resources and all past work.

    Some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies use Domino to:

    • Diagnose diseases sooner and recommend the best treatment option.
    • Increase trial enrollment and accelerate drug development by finding participants more efficiently.
    • Complete FDA submissions faster and more thoroughly.

    Why Domino for life sciences

    Finally, the same platform can serve both the pre-clinical to clinical sides of your business. Domino provides the R&D infrastructure you need to take advantage of modern data science and statistical techniques.

    Case Study

    Delivering Precision Medicine with 10X Faster Development of Deep Learning Models

    Learn how Janssen built a unified framework for deep learning and distributed training, using the Domino platform to provide data scientists with self-service infrastructure access to diverse tools, languages, data sets, and scalable compute resulting in 10x faster model training.

    Read the Janssen case study
    Case Study

    Testing Thousands of Hypotheses with an FDA-Qualified Research Platform

    A global biopharmaceutical leader has implemented an FDA-qualified research system of record on the Domino platform to streamline its entire research pipeline—from drug discovery to laboratory automation to customer analytics—ultimately paving the way toward faster medical advances.

    Read the case study

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