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    Domino for Insurance

    Faster models, quicker response to risks and opportunities

    Enterprise MLOps: Boost model velocity, ease compliance

    The insurance industry is rapidly changing.  Connected homes, cars, and a variety of other devices have created an explosion of data.  Small insurtech firms are leveraging AI/ML to exploit changing consumer preferences. As a result, insurance organizations are faced with increasing demands for AI/ML to drive new product offerings and operational enhancements, while still adhering to regulatory requirements.

    Domino’s Enterprise MLOps platform helps actuaries and data scientists at the world’s largest insurance organizations:

    • Increase operational efficiencies to reduce cost and improve customer experiences.
    • Develop new products to adapt to changing consumer preferences such as recommendation engines and usage-based insurance products.
    • Identify, test, and manage risk across the entire portfolio including underwriting, pricing, fraud detection, and regulatory compliance.

    Why insurers depend on Domino

    Domino helps leading insurance organizations industrialize their data science practices. The Domino Enterprise MLOps platform works within your complex infrastructure and abstracts away the complexities that get in the way of scaling data science. With Domino, your teams will be more productive and meet regulatory requirements that are time-consuming and difficult to achieve.

    One of our priorities is also how quickly we can update models. With Domino, we can make any necessary changes in just a day, compared to a month previously, which will enable faster innovation as well.

    Francesco Maggina
    Head, Data Science, Group Europe
    Case Study

    Pushing the Innovation Pedal in a Conservative Industry

    Learn how Allstate increased model velocity while retaining full reproducibility to weave fact-based decision-making into the fabric of their organization.

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    Case Study

    ​​Delivering New Fraud Detection Capabilities in Weeks, Not Months

    A global Fortune 500 leader was able to improve fraud detection and risk management while also increasing data science productivity—ultimately paving the way toward faster innovation at scale.

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    Personalized Recommendations, Real-Time Claims Processing and Pricing

    Learn how delivers €2 Million in Incremental Annual Profit with Domino while also increasing model velocity.

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